Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Walsworth Common 2

On Saturday evening I set my alarm for 5.00 am and the next morning at that time dragged myself out of bed. I always hate the thought of getting out of bed so early, especially at the weekend, but the reason I did it was that I knew from experience it would be worth it.

Walking onto Walsworth Common just over half an hour later, the weather was sunny and fresh (some people might say cold but it was invigorating so we'll go with fresh). It was also noisy. There was a cacophony coming from all around. Robins, Chaffinches and Blackbirds were all doing their best to make themselves heard, as well as an occasional Pigeon. The bushes were alive with sound. I felt like there was a whole other world out of sight amongst the leaves that I was missing out on and wasn't aware of normally.

After a very enjoyable walk around the Common peering into the bushes and looking up into the trees trying to pinpoint the birds singing the songs, I decided it was now time for breakfast. Going back home, I felt cheerful, alive and ready to contend with whatever the day decided to throw at me. The early wake up was definitely worth it!

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