Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Walsworth Common

Last weekend there was a brief sunny spell which I decided to take advantage of and visit Walsworth Common. The weather was a bit breezy and not as warm as it had been, but the sunshine was warm.

The River Purwell runs along the north and east of the Common and there is often a Little Egret on the river first thing in the morning. It wasn't there this time but I was there a bit later than usual and quite a few people had been out and probably scared it off.

To the east of the Common, the River Purwell is quite shallow with lots of underwater plants growing in it. I need to try and find out what they might be. It looked like the sort of river that might have little fish in it later in the year. That's something I'll have to keep an eye on!

There were rabbits out along the railway embankment to the west of the Common and quite a few burrow entrances were visible along the edge of the Common. I also saw some Blackbirds, Magpies, Robins and Blue-tits. A lot of the trees had new leaves on them and looked bright and cheerful in the sunshine. By this time dark clouds were looming into view and I decided to head home. Wildlife takes shelter during bad weather and so do I!

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